“Food Surplus Donation and Food Waste Management ”

Radical Honesty

The Problem

Indonesia is a top five global producer of food waste, while around 20 Million of Indonesians are malnourished. Organic waste is polluting the Indonesian environment and contributing to overloaded landfills. At the same time food surplus (edible leftover food) is not recovered, which could be provided for low income households.

Our Solution

We are developing a charitable food surplus & waste program. With VEL’s food program we alleviate hunger and food insecurity while supporting businesses to reduce food waste that otherwise goes to landfill.


We collect food surplus and organic waste from donating institutions. Organic waste is processed into animal feed, while we give food surplus to orphanages and vulnerable people such as low income families and the homeless. As a commercial institution you can join our food surplus and food waste program in Ambon, Moluccas.

Please reach out to: Alex Chandra, chairman VEL, email Here

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