Coastal Community


The Problem

As coastal communities mostly lack options to solve their waste problems, more than 500.000 tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean, while probably even more plastics are burned in backyards. Through capacity building and waste collection infrastructure in the field, we can directly impact this problem.

Our Solution

In schools and community buildings we teach people how to segregate waste and how to market their valuable plastic waste. Therefore we connect citizens to their local waste infrastructure such as top people who collect and aggregate plastic waste. We also educate those informally working collectors and aggregators (such as local waste banks) how to properly manage plastic waste.


Our Success

Through education and networking along the supply chain of plastic waste we ensure local waste management ecosystems run. Our first source separation and waste stream education program takes place in Ambon, Maluccas.

We are continuously enlarging our network both directly through partnerships with local coastal communities or indirectly through online and offline advocacy. We directly contribute to the national goal to reduce 70% of plastic waste leakage by 2030.

We are currently building this program. For further information please reach out to: Alex Chandra, chairman VEL, email Here

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