"VEL is the powerhouse of the digital transfer of information and knowledge regarding waste streams"

What We Do

We work on capacity building for waste management through education programs in the digital space. We produce professional content to inform the broad Indonesian society.

RECO Indonesia

We create an impact on the societal and environmental sphere. We catalyze the circular economy of Indonesia by strengthening waste management. We cooperate with sustainable industries, governmental institutions and civil society.

Our Vision

We believe in a huge demand for environmental change in South East Asia. We recognize that the young Asian generation predominantly active in social media is waking up realizing a threat of climate change and the negative impacts of environmental pollution.

We are sure that in the 2020ies more awareness will rise together with a thriving circular economy. Our mission is to provide knowledge, factual information and mutual understanding across sectors and populations in South East Asia.

About Us

Veritas Edukasi Lingkungan is run by German journalist Benedict Wermter together with Recovered Indonesia.

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Benedict Wermter has experience in the circular economy of plastics for many years. He researched and investigated the supply chains of plastics and has published several articles, documentaries and a book. 

RECO Indonesia

Recovered Indonesia is recycling hard-to-recyclable plastics with a focus on coastal and remote land areas where waste management is almost non-existent.

RECO is professionalizing the informal sector in their target areas such as South Sulawesi and Moluccas. RECO stands for expertise in difficult material from previously out of reach regions.

People Behind VEL


Alex Chandra



Benedict Wermter



Clara Oktarida

Project Manager


Lina Sajida

Social Media Manager


Alfan Pratama


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