We Make Indonesia Clean Again

We believe in environmental change for the better. We educate society to move towards a more circular economy

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“We work on people’s mindset and understanding about the earth we live on. We believe that people as well as institutions will change their behavior in an altered state of environmental knowledge. “

Who We Are

Our foundation promotes a clean and thriving Indonesia. We raise awareness for environmental relations, specifically the prevention of organic and non-organic waste.

RECO Indonesia

With Veritas Edukasi Lingkungan (VEL) we educate online and offline communities, we work on honest waste management solutions and we stand for the truth about plastics. With VEL we are in an international network of decision makers, waste management enterprises, academia, media and activism.

Our Programmes

These are the Programmes we run to fulfill our mission


Influencing Education Online With Bule Sampah


E-learning platform for waste education 


Food Surplus Donation and Food Waste Management


Build Coastal Community Care

We need You

We need your support. We are looking for private or corporate donations to fund our programs.

Are you a governmental or non-governmental organization working in the field of development and economic cooperation fostering behavioral change, education and capacity building regarding the circular economy and waste management?

Are you in the sustainability department of a multinational group or a company and plan a CSR project?

Are you a charity organization and want to support marginalized communities?

Or are you a private person who wants to help us make more impact?

Help us spread the word.

Please follow @bulesampah on Instagram and TikTok, share and like our content. For business inquiries please reach out to our admin Lina (+49 176 4872 7945)